Average Monthly Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

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There are plenty of reasons to pursue bariatric surgery—more energy, better health, even improved complexion. However, all of these reasons tie back to the biggest one: massive weight loss. Before you sign up for getting the gastric sleeve in Mexico, you will want to know what level of weight loss you should expect to experience.

While there are no guarantees, what we can do is look at the average monthly weight loss after gastric sleeve and the variables that can impact just how much weight you lose.

The Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Spread

After gastric sleeve surgery, some people lose a significant amount of weight. Others just shed a bit of their excess pounds. The general weight loss spread ranges from 25% to 70% of excess weight lost.

To understand this, you need to know what the term “excess weight” means. Essentially, we all have an ideal weight based on our height, gender, and build. Any pounds over that weight are considered excess. So, if you weigh 300 pounds and your ideal weight is 125 pounds, your excess weight is 175 pounds. For someone with 175 pounds of excess weight, they can expect to lose anywhere between 44 and 122 pounds after their gastric sleeve surgery.

Average Monthly Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

While you can average out total weight loss to a per-month loss, this isn’t a good way to look at things. This is because different months naturally see more weight loss than others. Instead, expect the first month to see the most pounds shed, with this steadily decreasing as time goes on until your weight plateaus.

Here is a hypothetical weight loss schedule for a gastric sleeve patient:

  • Month 1: 20 Pounds Lost
  • Month 2: 15 Pounds Lost
  • Month 3: 12 Pounds Lost
  • Month 4: 10 Pounds Lost
  • Month 5: 7 Pounds Lost
  • Month 6: 4 Pounds Lost
  • Month 7 and Onward: 2 pounds lost until weight loss plateaus

Once you stop losing weight, you may or may not be at your ideal weight. If not, you will need to resort to other interventions that can bring about the change you need.

Factors That Impact Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

Not everyone sees the same results from gastric sleeve surgery even if they have the same starting points. For one thing, every body responds differently. Your body may respond to surgery by instantly shedding tons of pounds, or it may struggle to achieve results.

However, the biggest factors impacting your weight loss are how well you follow your post-surgery diet and how often you exercise. The stomach can be stretched after gastric sleeve surgery if you do not take the correct precautions and exercise is essential to improving metabolism.

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