Foods and Drinks to Avoid After Weight Loss Surgery

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Foods and Drinks to Avoid After Weight Loss Surgery

When you undergo a gastric sleeve, your stomach’s size reduces to make you feel full faster and for longer, which reduces your calorie intake. To maintain weight loss and ensure that your body adjusts better to the changes, you are advised to avoid solid foods immediately after surgery. For a healthy diet and to maintain your weight, here are foods to avoid after a gastric sleeve procedure.


It is recommended that you avoid consuming high-calorie foods because otherwise, it will be tasking for the body to keep off the weight. Alcohol is one drink with high calorie levels that will affect your body’s ability to consume other, more nutritious foods because you tend to feel full.  You may find it hard to practice mindful eating when drinking, and you risk overindulging.

Carbonated Drinks

Are you wondering what you can never eat again after gastric sleeve? Soda is at the top of that list, being a carbonated drink. For one, it contains excessive amounts of sugar, or in other terms, empty calories that don’t benefit your body. Secondly, being a fizzy drink means that it can easily cause bloating, which is very uncomfortable, especially after a bariatric surgery.

Starchy Foods

Consider starchy foods like white bread and grains. These only make you feel full without necessarily containing any nutritional value for your body. In addition, they are tasking to consume and digest, which is risky because it can block the upper part of the stomach. You can still eat these foods, but only in tiny portions, or go for whole grain options instead.

Fatty Foods and Drinks

Joining the list of what you can’t eat and drink after gastric sleeve are options rich in fat, such as butter, oil, whole milk, and any fried foods. These not only contain high amounts of calories but also low nutrients. When you keep eating them, they will derail your weight loss and lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Sugary Foods and Snacks

Patients recovering from surgery are always advised to avoid anything containing excessive sugar. These high-calorie foods offer no nutritional value for the body and can derail their weight-loss journey. Therefore, it is best to avoid cakes, sweets, chewing gums, chocolates, and other sugary snacks and desserts.

Check Your Diet Post-Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Going for gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, is but the first step in your weight loss journey. You must follow up with dietary changes to keep the weight off and stay committed to the process. If you have any concerns about weight loss surgery and what to expect afterward, feel free to reach out to Dr. Jalil Illan and his team.

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