How to Avoid Emotional Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

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How to Avoid Emotional Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

Patients struggling with food addiction, depression, and other psychological challenges may find it difficult to manage their weight, even after a successful weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery has its advantages over exercise and diet but only when appropriately managed. If affected by any triggers that cause you to overindulge, you need the following tips on overcoming emotional eating after weight loss surgery.

Learn How to Recognize the Patterns Early

The first step to avoid overeating is knowing your triggers and using them to make better choices when deciding what and when to eat. For instance, many patients eat when they are sad, anxious, or stressed. When you pay close attention to these feelings, you can easily train yourself to avoid eating. You can adjust and ensure you only eat when you are hungry, not in response to those triggers.

Be Mindful When Eating

Another way to avoid emotional eating after weight loss surgery is to train your body and mind to be mindful whenever you start eating. In some cases, patients eat or snack on unhealthy meals absent-mindedly, maybe when watching TV or engaging in other activities. You can start by learning how to eat only when sitting at the table and savoring every bite of food.

Create a Support System

You cannot overcome all the challenges on your own. You need a solid group of people to support you along the way. This may be your friends, loved ones, other patients, a support group, or any other group of people who empathize with your case. The more you share and receive vital insight, the easier it will be to avoid emotional eating after bariatric surgery.

Find Healthier Alternative Coping Strategies

Instead of eating to cope with stress and other overwhelming feelings, it is best to channel that into a healthier habit. You can turn to exercise, swimming, dancing, yoga, hiking, or any other fun indoor or outdoor activity that will keep your mind off of eating. The best part is that these hobbies will also keep you fit physically and mentally, which is a win-win for your weight loss journey.

Trust Your Weight Loss Journey to a Medical Professional

Weight loss is a process, and the only way to ensure it works is if you make specific lifestyle changes. Emotional eating and overindulging without dieting and exercise will only set you back. Hence, you need Dr. Jalil Illan and the team of professionals at the Tijuana Bariatric Center to guide you in ensuring a fun and fulfilling journey toward losing weight.

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