10 Tricks to Prevent Gaining Back Weight After Bariatric Surgery

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A lot of people think that going through weight loss surgery in Tijuana is a quick fix, and the weight will just fall off. The reality is that losing all that weight takes an intense amount of work: exercise, dieting, and lifestyle changes. Sometimes you have to do everything possible to prevent gaining back the weight!

In this post, we cover ten tricks for avoiding weight gain after bariatric surgery so you can be successful in your recovery journey.

Avoiding Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery

1. Exercise regularly: that includes no longer taking elevators and escalators! Instead, take the stairs, count your steps, and work out at least three days a week to prevent weight gain after surgery.

2. Keep a food diary: it is really easy to forget what we eat and not realize how much we’re eating. This helps you stay on track with your diet and can prevent overeating as well as snacking when you aren’t hungry.

3. Eat every two hours: this prevents low blood sugar which can cause you to feel hungry and overeat, leading to weight gain after gastric sleeve.

4. Keep your metabolism revved up: avoid eating too many carbs because it slows down the metabolic process, but also keep in mind that skipping meals will do the same thing. Try not to go longer than three hours without a meal or snack since this has been shown to dramatically decrease your metabolism.

5. Drink enough water: this has the same effect as eating every two hours, it will keep your metabolism revved up and prevent overeating due to hunger. If you are getting hungry between meals or snacks try drinking a glass of water; sometimes that is all you need! And don’t forget about drinking after bariatric surgery—you need to drink even more than before!

6. Portion control is key: this goes along with eating every two hours. It can be easy for bariatric patients to overindulge in food since we are used to smaller portions, but that will lead to gaining weight back after gastric sleeve.

7. Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks: these are empty calories that will just add up and contribute to weight gain.

8. Take vitamins every day: you need lots of nutrients after bariatric surgery when your body is trying to recover, so make sure you take the right supplements daily!

9. Think positive thoughts about yourself: it can be easy for individuals who have struggled with body image issues to fall into old habits. If you feel like binge eating, take a break and do something else; the craving will disappear after 15 minutes or so!

10. Keep your bariatric team involved: make sure that you keep in touch with your doctors and nurses about any concerns regarding weight gain after surgery, they’ll be able to help you come up with a plan that works for your body!

With the right approach, you can prevent weight gain after your bariatric surgery. For more guidance or support, speak with Dr. Jalil about gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana.

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