Best Sleeping Position After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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After gastric sleeve surgery, many people find that their sleep is disrupted. Their stomachs have recently been operated on, so they often wake up with stomach pains which makes it hard to fall back asleep. Some people also find that their sleeping positions are uncomfortable, which also makes it hard to get enough quality sleep. However, there are several ways that you can improve your sleep after gastric sleeve surgery, including the best sleeping positions for gastric sleeve patients.

How To Sleep After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Sleep On Your Back

We generally recommend that patients sleep on their back after gastric sleeve surgery. This will reduce pressure on the lungs and stomach, which will help you sleep the most comfortably.

Sleep On Your Side

Can you sleep on your side after gastric sleeve surgery? Yes, in fact, it might be a more comfortable position for you than your back. However, we recommend putting a pillow between your legs in order to avoid excess pressure on the spine.

For most people, though, sleeping your back is a better idea. This is because you still might end up putting pressure on your stomach due to excess belly fat. Although this isn’t a big deal normally, sleeping with added pressure after gastric sleeve surgery can be uncomfortable and somewhat painful.

Sleeping Positions That Aren’t Recommended

Don’t Sleep On Your Stomach

Can you sleep on your stomach after gastric sleeve surgery? We don’t recommend it. It will be highly uncomfortable, for one. Not only that, but it can push the stomach out and put excessive pressure on the lungs.

If you’re normally a stomach sleeper, don’t worry: you will be able to sleep on your stomach after about a month post-op. However, in the initial recovery phase, avoid putting any additional pressure on your abdomen!

Tips For Sleeping After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Don’t Drink Fluids Or Eat Immediately Before Bed

Although in most instances, drinking fluids before bed is not harmful, doing so in the weeks immediately following gastric sleeve surgery could cause abdominal pain and gas. We recommend staying away from food or drink 30 minutes before bed.

Get As Much Sleep As You Can

You need sleep to recover from surgery, and gastric sleeve surgery is no different. While it may be difficult to sleep at night, do your best to get as much rest as possible. If this means napping during the day, so be it. We recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep if possible to sustain proper recovery.

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