Chewing Gum After a Gastric Sleeve—Is It Allowed?

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Chewing Gum After a Gastric Sleeve—Is It Allowed?

Some people chew gum as a weight loss aid, arguing that eating calorie-free gum will reduce their overall calorie intake, promoting weight loss. However, as a gastric sleeve patient, can you chew gum after gastric sleeve?

Why You Should Avoid Chewing Gum After Gastric Sleeve

Generally, it is advisable to avoid some eating habits, such as chewing gum, after a gastric sleeve procedure. This is because chewing gum introduces excess air into your stomach, causing bloating and discomfort, especially in the initial stages of recovery. Here are more reasons why you should not chew gum immediately after a gastric sleeve procedure.

Swallowing Air

Chewing gum will cause you to swallow air, causing bloating and increased stomach pressure, which is problematic in the initial healing phase when your system is adjusting.

Control of Hunger Portions

While the gastric sleeve aims at portion control and promoting healthy eating habits, chewing gum will stimulate your appetite and cravings, interfering with your healthy weight loss plan.

You Risk Post-Operative Complications from Chewing

Chewing gum causes repetitive jaw movements that can strain your surgical area, increasing your risks of complications such as irritation of your stomach sleeve.

When Can You Start Chewing Gum After Gastric Sleeve?

Ideally, you should refrain from chewing gum the first few days after your gastric sleeve procedure as it will stimulate your salivary glands, causing abdominal discomfort or lots of gas. Stick to soft foods for some time before transitioning to solids. Chewing gum will also stimulate bowel movements, and you should be careful lest you eat more food than is healthy.

Within a few weeks after surgery, you can start chewing gum, but ensure it is sugar-free. Also, be careful not to swallow it as it can block your gastrointestinal tract, causing complications. Unlike normal food, chewing gum does not break down, and swallowing it can cause you to end up in an ER for removal. Therefore, to minimize these risks, consider mint leaf to freshen your breath as it will do similar tasks to gum without prolonged chewing or swallowing air.

Can I Chew Gum After a Gastric Sleeve?

So, can you chew gum after gastric sleeve? While you can chew gum after surgery, you should wait for a few weeks after recovery to avoid possible complications. Also, consider sugar-free gums to minimize calorie intake. Remember, gum has no nutritional benefits, and avoiding it altogether may be ideal. For more details on gastric sleeve, contact Dr. Jalil Illan to schedule a consult for a Tijuana gastric sleeve surgery.

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