Gastric Bypass – Tips for a Better Recovery

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Getting a gastric bypass after years of struggling to lose weight signifies the start of a wonderful journey. After the surgery, you might quickly want to get to the exercise and dieting schedule outlined by your dietician.

However, gastric bypass surgery recovery is not a fast process. You might feel uncomfortable, tired, and even hungry despite the new size of your stomach. It is not uncommon to feel depressed and even regret the surgery. So what can you do to make the recovery process easier?

Gastric Bypass Recovery Tips

Consult your doctor

It is important to keep in close touch with your doctor and follow the post-op instructions they provide. Make sure you bring up anything that concerns you so it can be quickly addressed. Following your doctor’s instructions will shorten recovery from gastric bypass and prevent you from going back to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Start moving

Gastric bypass is a great first step on your weight loss journey, but you will still need to put in some work to reach your goal. Walking short distances, increasing them as you recover is a great way to start moving. More vigorous exercises like lifting weights should follow once your doctor clears you. Not only will this make recovery easy, but it will help you build healthy habits for your new lifestyle.

Stick to your diet

Gastric bypass recovery will take a toll on your stomach. Your doctor will provide you with a post-op diet that will be gentle on your stomach. You might first need to stick to a liquid or soft food diet. Resist any temptations you might have to eat more food, especially if your doctor has not recommended it. Even after you start eating solids, make sure you avoid processed foods. Make sure you are hydrated as this will reduce those hunger pangs.

Create a support group

Gastric bypass recovery is not an easy process. It is very easy to get discouraged and resort back to bad habits. Developing a network of people going through the same process will go a long way in making recovery from gastric bypass easier. You will no doubt find both online and in-person support groups in your area. Attending them and participating is key to developing a stable support network and even finding an accountability partner.

Gastric Bypass Tijuana

Recovery from gastric bypass is exhausting, but you have to remember you are one step closer to reaching your ideal weight. Congratulate yourself for going through with the surgery and be patient with yourself. Accept that you might fail along the way but keep your goal in mind.
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