How to Address Gas After Gastric Bypass

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When we think about side effects during gastric bypass recovery, we tend to focus on the dangerous ones. However, those rarely pop up. What patients should focus on are the more common issues that come up after gastric bypass in Tijuana. One of the biggest ones?


Post-operative flatulence is common with most abdominal procedures. However, gas pain after gastric bypass can make you miserable. Here’s what you should know before your procedure.

Gas After Gastric Bypass

So, gas after abdominal surgeries is normal. But why is that?

Primarily, it is due to the disturbance of the abdominal cavity. Having surgical instruments inside isn’t its normal state, and the body can kind of freak out about it. However, for bariatric procedures, there is also another factor: changes in diet.

Any time you change your dietary habits, it can cause the digestive tract to go a little crazy. With the post-bariatric surgery diet, you make significant changes at the start, then long-term, tend to add in more fiber and vegetables, both of which can potentially trigger flatulence.

Certain weight loss surgeries also cause the malabsorptive syndrome. This means that food is not digested as well as before surgery. It then makes its way to the colon where it triggers gas.

Why Gas Is a Problem

Two reasons: pain and embarrassment. Excess gas can be uncomfortable at best and downright painful at worst, especially if you are still healing.

But even when it doesn’t cause pain, it often leads to embarrassment. This can be a major struggle for those trying to lose weight since they are often already sensitive to how they are perceived. As such, after surgery, it is important to find gastric bypass gas relief that works for you.

How to Get Rid of Gas After Gastric Bypass

  • Eat slowly and chew your food properly.
  • Do not overeat; stick to proper portions.
  • Take a probiotic if your doctor clears you to do so.
  • Avoid foods known to trigger gas, including alcohol and lactose.
  • Drink ginger or peppermint tea.
  • Take a magnesium supplement.
  • Ask your doctor about any gas-prevention medications, like Gas-X.

If you have questions or concerns about bariatric surgeries, Dr. Jalil is here to answer them. Whether you are interested in gastric bypass or gastric sleeve in Mexico, we are the team to choose. Fill out our contact form to get started.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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