How To Break A Weight Loss Plateau After Bariatric Surgery

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Weight loss surgery will cause rapid weight loss in the first year following surgery. The reason is simple: you can’t eat as much as you used to, which forces your caloric intake to be lower and makes your body have to rely on its fat stores for energy.

But there will come a point where you are the same weight that you were the previous month. This is called a weight loss plateau, and it’s something a lot of patients dread. Fear not, we have a guide to help you break through them!

What Causes A Weight Loss Plateau?

Although the exact mechanisms behind weight loss plateaus are unknown, the general consensus is that the body simply adapts to changes and aims to find a level of homeostasis, or internal stability. The body adapts to exercise and low calorie intake in order to be better able to tolerate the stress.

For this reason, a person who is eating at a caloric deficit will eventually lose weight to a point where their caloric deficit is no longer sufficient to lose weight.

This may seem like a horrible situation to be in, but rest assured: this is normal and it’s a sign that you’re on the right track.

How To Deal With Weight Loss Plateaus

Psychologically, weight loss plateaus can be difficult to deal with. It’s hard to look at a goal that you are so close to achieving but can’t seem to actually complete. But if you look at the plateau from a different lens, you’ll see that it’s perfectly fine.

Accept that weight loss plateaus are a normal part of the process.

As stated before, your body adapts to changes in its environment in an attempt to maintain homeostasis. If you eat a certain amount of calories, or do a particular exercise regimen, for a long enough period of time, your body will eventually adapt to the change. It’s simply how bodies have evolved to survive harsh environments.

Don’t compensate by overtraining or drastically cutting calories.

It’s tempting to look at your weight loss plateau and come to the conclusion that you need to go more extreme. Although doing this may cause you to lose more weight in the short term, it might also cause more harm than good. You might hurt yourself in training, or you might end up dealing with worse metabolic problems

Don’t give up!

You’re okay, and you’re not doing anything wrong because you’ve hit a plateau. The simple fact is that the body is simply adapting to changes, and when it has adapted enough, it will stop trying to change.

How To Get Past A Weight Loss Plateau

Track your calories honestly.

Many people actually end up at a plateau because they are eating more than they need to. If you’re not tracking all the foods that you’re eating, with the correct amounts, you might be eating several hundred calories more per day than you think you are. But, if you’re doing this, then move onto the next steps.

Switch up your fitness routine

Your body adapts to stress caused by exercise. One of the best ways to break past a plateau is to exercise differently. If you usually run on a treadmill, switch to an exercise bike or a Stairmaster. Try exercising at different frequencies or using different exercise movements. Your body will need to adapt to new stresses, which will result in changes in your body.

Add resistance training or weight training to build muscle

Building muscle is a great way to burn fat, simply because your body’s nutritional resources are being diverted to muscle gain instead of preserving fat stores. Muscle mass can also increase your total daily energy expenditure. For an added boost, switch some of your carbs or fats for protein!

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