The Long History of Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Weight loss surgery has only become well known in the last several decades. So, it is easy to assume that all these procedures are relatively young. However, gastric bypass surgery actually has a pretty lengthy history. Here’s the key details of gastric bypass surgery’s interesting history.

The First Gastric Bypass Was Performed in 1892

The history of gastric bypass surgery began when Swiss surgeon Dr. Cesar Roux performed the first gastric bypass. This was all the way back in 1892! At the time, Roux had been using stomach bypass surgeries to treat obstructions, so weight loss was not the objective.

Weight Loss Surgery Got Its Start in 1954

The first bariatric procedure intended for weight loss was performed by Dr. A.J. Kremen in 1954. This was a crude form of gastric bypass. Kremen’s patients had to take a vitamin supplement for the rest of their lives, and many patients suffered complications.

The First Modern Gastric Bypass Was Developed in 1967

The history of Roux-en-y gastric bypass starts in 1967. Dr. Edward Mason performed the first gastric bypass that was truly modernized by today’s standards. This procedure, known as Roux-en-Y (or RNY), is still used today, although with fewer complications and more nutritional support than what Dr. Mason provided his patients.

1989 Saw Better Nutritional Support from Gastric Bypass Surgeons

In 1989, an alternative form of gastric bypass surgery called biliopancreatic diversion became very popular at John Hopkins Hospital under surgeon Walter Pories MDS FASMBS. This procedure separates the stomach from the small intestine so that patients only digest a very limited amount of food. Although this surgery is more complicated and risky than RNY, it provides better long-term results in terms of weight loss and health improvement.

The Laparoscopic Revolutionized Gastric Bypass Surgery in 1995

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery was first performed in 1995 by Dr. David Crosby. This type of surgery uses tiny cameras and surgical tools to perform the operation through small incisions in the abdomen rather than making one large cut like traditional open surgery does.

Gastric Bypasses Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever

So there you have it! A little history of gastric bypass surgery. As you can see, this procedure is not a new fad by any means. In fact, it has been around for over 100 years! And with laparoscopic surgery becoming more popular every year, gastric bypass surgeries are only going to become more common. If you’re considering weight loss surgery, be sure to research all your options and talk to Dr. Jalil about gastric bypass in Tijuana.

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