When Can I Start Exercising After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

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Exercise after gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery is a standard weight loss procedure that can help you lose significant weight. After the surgery, following your doctor’s instructions for post-operative care is essential. This includes following a specific diet and exercise plan.

For example, high-carbohydrate food like pasta or potatoes should be avoided, while lean proteins and high-fiber foods are recommended.

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Physical activity is vital for achieving long-term weight loss success along with the proper diet. Exercise can be started as soon as two weeks after gastric sleeve surgery, but it will depend on the individual and their recovery process.

Before starting any exercise program, patients should speak to their doctor or surgeon about what’s best for them. Here are some factors that affect when you can start exercising after gastric sleeve surgery:

1. The Type of Surgery You Had

Gastric sleeve surgery involves removing a large portion of the stomach. This procedure limits the amount of food consumed at once and reduces caloric intake. As a result, it requires a period of healing before any strenuous activity can begin.

2. Your Physical Health Before Surgery

Weight gain happens due to various medical conditions like diabetes, heart problems, and arthritis. The time to start exercising may vary depending on your overall fitness and health before surgery. If you have any of the conditions, you must get a medical assessment from your doctor before attempting any physical activity.

For example, if you have had a heart attack, your doctor may suggest you start exercising cautiously and under close supervision. On the other hand, if you are relatively healthy before surgery, it is safe to begin light exercise soon after the operation.

3. How Much Weight You Lose in the First Few Weeks After Surgery

The ideal weight loss for patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery is 1 to 2 pounds per week. However, it is common for individuals to lose more than this in the first few weeks after the procedure due to rapid weight loss. Several factors influence how quickly you will shed excess pounds following your gastric sleeve surgery, including the type of diet you follow and the amount of exercise you do.

It is essential to recognize that it may take time for your body to adjust to these changes. Exercising too soon after surgery can be dangerous if you don’t give yourself ample rest and recovery time.

4. Whether You Experience Uncomfortable Side Effects After Surgery

Side effects like abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting can occur after gastric sleeve surgery, so monitoring how you feel is essential. If your symptoms are too uncomfortable for exercise, discuss this with your doctor before starting any physical activity.

You may start with light exercises like walking or gentle stretching, to begin with. Gradually increase the intensity of your exercise as you feel more comfortable and able.

It’s essential to stay within your limits and listen to your body to get the most out of physical activity without aggravating any existing symptoms. Dr. Jalil offers the best gastric sleeve treatment in Mexico. He is an experienced and highly respected bariatric surgeon. Regular exercise is an integral part of achieving success with gastric sleeve surgery. Exercise helps you to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent weight regain after the procedure.

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