Can Weight Loss Surgery Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease?

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You may have heard that weight loss surgery can help you lose weight and live a healthier life. But did you know that it could also lower your risk for heart disease? That’s right!

In this blog post, we will explore how obesity increases the risk of developing heart disease and what happens when someone undergoes weight loss surgery to become a healthy weight again.

Why Does Obesity Increase the Risk of Heart Disease?

The link between obesity and cardiovascular disease is strong. For every one-unit increase in BMI outside your healthy range, your risk of heart failure increases by about 6 percent. But why does excess weight lead to such a risk?

It is because many people who are obese suffer from high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes—all of which put a strain on the heart and circulatory system. While being obese doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have these issues, it significantly increases the likelihood of them developing.

How Can Weight Loss Surgery Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease?

Basically, losing even a moderate amount of weight lowers your heart disease risk. When you increase that to 50 percent or more of your excess weight? You see some big changes in your heart health. Not only do you place less stress on the system as a whole, but the dietary changes that come with weight loss surgery in Tijuana lower cholesterol.

It should be noted here that reducing heart disease with weight loss requires work on your part, even if you also get bariatric surgery. These procedures on their own will restrict your food intake, and in some cases, limit caloric absorption.

However, you still need to change your relationship with food and exercise regularly to see the results you desire. If your goal is to address heart problems with weight loss, you need to change your lifestyle, not just your stomach.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for a long time and need help to lose it, bariatric surgery may be right for you. Bariatric surgeries are highly effective at helping people lose excess weight permanently in an efficient manner without the risks associated with prolonged dieting or exercise programs.

In particular, gastric sleeve is one of the most popular types of bariatric surgery that can lead to significant weight loss quickly. Contact Dr. Jalil today if you want more information about obesity treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.

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