Weight Loss Surgery and Reproductive Health

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Bariatric surgery in Tijuana has been shown to be an effective treatment for obesity, but what about your reproductive health?

There are many conditions throughout the body that are made worse by excess weight; this includes those related to the reproductive system. From polycystic ovarian syndrome to irregular ovulation, obesity is linked to infertility in both men and women, so weight loss surgery could make pregnancy a reality if you’ve been struggling to conceive. Here are the key facts to keep in mind.

Excess Weight Is Linked to Fertility Struggles

Whether it is the man or the woman who is obese, carrying around excess weight makes it harder to conceive. While this does not mean that overweight people can never have children, they tend to struggle more than those at a healthy weight for a few reasons.

  • Excess fat causes androstenedione into estrone, impacting sperm production.
  • Estrone impacts the area of the brain regulating ovarian and testicular function.
  • Excess weight makes specific conditions more common and/or worse, including PCOS.

Maternal Weight Can Impact the Baby’s Health

Even once a woman is able to conceive, it does not mean that they have overcome their weight-related reproductive struggles. Unfortunately, women who are obese are more likely to miscarry even when the fetus is healthy.

Other Reproductive Health Concerns

Fertility and pregnancy are not the only concerns when it comes to weight and reproductive health. Women who are obese are also more likely to have irregular periods, struggle to find birth control that works, and be able to successfully use emergency contraception. Men with obesity are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

Addressing Reproductive Concerns With Weight Loss Surgery

For many people, the ideal solution for their struggles is bariatric surgery. Pregnancy after bariatric surgery is often easier since it triggers significant weight loss, improves reproductive and overall health. Tijuana weight loss surgery makes the necessary treatments more accessible for those who do not have insurance coverage for these procedures.

It’s difficult to think about something like your weight impacting your fertility, but the reality is that it does. Women and men who have undergone bariatric surgery oftentimes experience a significant increase in their fertility following their procedure as well as an improvement in egg quality for women undergoing IVF treatments.

If you’re struggling with obesity and want help shedding pounds so that you can get pregnant or just feel better overall, contact Dr. Jalil today to talk about gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico.

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