Post-Bariatric Surgery: Can You Eat Pizza?

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Post-Bariatric Surgery: Can You Eat Pizza?

Bariatric surgery is an important decision that will improve several aspects of your health and well-being. Before going through the surgery, it is important to know the lifestyle changes you need, especially with respect to your diet. This is because we are more inclined to fast foods for their delicacy than nutritional value. We help you know if you can enjoy your favorite foods, such as pizza, after bariatric surgery.

Can You Eat Pizza After Bariatric Surgery?

It will be impossible to eat pizza immediately as the procedure alters the gastrointestinal system. Also, your body will need time to recuperate before partaking in traditional foods.

Immediately after surgery, your doctor will recommend clear liquids and broth, and after the second week, you should be able to consume thicker liquids like protein drinks and non-fat yogurt. The second-week diet aims to increase protein intake and minimize sugar and fat intake.

Over time, you will expand your diet choices to include soft foods and purees such as canned fruits, scrambled eggs, and ground meat. Taking a lot of water is advisable between meals, but avoid drinking fluids while eating as this can make you feel full, affecting your food intake.

By the second to the sixth months, you will gradually resume your normal diet and can increase your solid food variety while maintaining smaller portions. For most patients, the diet will normalize by the sixth month after operation. However, you should wait for your nutritionist to give you the go-ahead when it comes to eating pizza, and this should be occasional consumption if you are to realize your weight loss goals.

How To Eat Pizza After Bariatric Surgery

The following are tips you can follow to eat pizza after bariatric surgery.

  • Consider home-made or purchase pizza with low-carb dough and rich in vegetables to reduce your carbs and fat intake
  • Boost your pizza protein intake with vegetable toppings
  • Consider bariatric-friendly options like crustless pizza casserole, which has fewer calories, carbs, and fat
  • Use muffin tins to portion your pizza quiches with eggs in place of dough

Enjoy a Healthy, Unlimited Lifestyle After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is useful for weight loss and staying healthy in the long run. Do you have more questions about eating pizza after bariatric surgery or your options in Tijuana for bariatric surgery? Contact Dr. Jalil Illan and enjoy professional guidance through your weight loss journey for a healthy life post-operation.

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