Top Questions to Ask Your Bariatric Surgeon

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Making the choice to get bariatric surgery is significant. But once you decide to get the gastric sleeve in Mexico or elsewhere, your next step is to vet potential surgeons. While you should only consider the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico, that doesn’t mean that all of them are an equally suitable choice.

How can you assess the doctors you are considering? By asking them the following bariatric surgery questions.

What Qualifications Must I Meet?

Quality bariatric surgeons will not perform surgery on those who are merely overweight. If a surgeon is worth considering, they will only perform surgery on those with an SMI of 40 or more, or 35 and more with obesity-related conditions. In rare cases, a BMI of 30 with severe co-morbidities might qualify.

What Risks Are Associated With My Procedure?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your bariatric surgeon. Sometimes, doctors are just trying to land as many patients as possible. When this is the case, they tend to downplay the risks. While bariatric surgery is safe, it is still surgery, and your doctor should be upfront about possible complications.

What Will I Need to Do to Support My Weight Loss?

Some surgical practices strictly focus on the surgery, not the aftercare and your mental and physical recovery. While getting gastric bypass in Tijuana means you won’t be able to make office visits to get support, your doctor should be clear on what you will do to support your own weight loss. Given the distance, this is extremely important. If they aren’t detailed in their answers, you might want to keep looking.

What Is Included in the Price of Surgery?

This weight loss surgery question is important no matter where you get your procedure. However, if you are looking at surgeons in Mexico, it is essential. This is because most doctors offer all-inclusive packages, but each doctor may define all-inclusive differently. Look for those that offer transportation, lodging, and full support in navigating your time in Mexico.

What Are Things That Might Take Me By Surprise?

If you’ve done your research, you should be well prepared for your surgery. However, there still might be aspects that catch you off guard. An experienced surgeon who actually follows up with their patients should be able to tell you from experience what things tend to be most surprising post-surgery.

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