What Are The Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

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Weight loss surgery has become a more popular answer to obesity over the years. With the obesity rate in many middle and high income countries climbing, more and more people are realizing that they have a very effective weight loss option available to them.

What’s more is that people living in countries like the United States and Canada are looking to countries like Mexico for weight loss surgery due to the reduced costs.

So we’re often asked, what are the benefits of weight loss surgery? And why should someone get weight loss surgery in Mexico? We’re here to answer those questions.

How Weight Loss Surgery Works

Weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, is a surgical intervention that changes the way food is digested and absorbed into the body, effectively reducing the amount of food that can be consumed comfortably at one time. This does multiple things at once.

First, it causes fewer calories to be digested, effectively reducing the calorie count of many foods. Second, it causes patients to eat smaller portions with fewer calories. Third, it uses psychology to discourage unhealthy eating behaviors and encourage more moderate eating.

Generally, weight loss surgeries have a stomach shrinking component and an absorption reduction component. Gastric bypass, for example, reduces the size of the stomach while connecting the stomach to a lower part of the intestine.

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery has one major benefit: it’s extremely effective. Gastric bypass patients can expect to lose around 60% of their excess weight. To calculate excess weight, take your current weight and subtract your ideal weight. For example, a person who is 350 pounds with a desired weight of 120 pounds has 230 pounds of excess weight. They can expect to lose around 138 pounds, leaving them with an expected final weight of 212. Of course, many patients lose far more than that.

Another big benefit of weight loss surgery is that it’s not just effective at rapid weight loss, but at keeping the weight off. Because the digestive system has been altered in such a drastic way, returning to old eating habits becomes very difficult. However, it’s not impossible, and some patients do report weight gain after the initial weight loss period.

Why Get Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

American bariatric patients can benefit greatly from choosing Mexico as a destination for bariatric surgery.

First, costs are significantly lower. A patient can save up to 70% in overall costs by choosing to get weight loss surgery in Mexico. The reason it’s much cheaper in Mexico than the USA is due to lower labor costs, significantly lower insurance requirements, and the availability of medical equipment and medications at a lower price. Despite all of these lowered costs, there’s no need to sacrifice quality. Our head surgeon, Dr. Jalil Illan, was educated and trained in the USA and our medical center is built to US specifications.

Second, Mexican surgery providers offer package experiences which include a hotel stay at a beautiful resort. These resorts specifically offer all the resources needed for weight loss surgery patients to recover in a peaceful, stress-free, quiet, and safe environment away from the stresses of normal life.

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