Difference Between A Mini Gastric Bypass and A Gastric Bypass

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The gastric bypass surgery is typically the procedure most people think of when they hear “bariatric surgery” or “weight loss surgery”. This is no surprise: for a long time, it was the most common weight loss surgery procedure done.

These days, there’s another variation on the traditional Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: the mini gastric bypass. Why would there be a “mini” version of this procedure, and what are the differences? Let’s find out.

Mini Gastric Bypass vs Gastric Bypass

A mini gastric bypass is done much the same as a traditional gastric bypass. A pouch is created in the stomach to decrease the overall accessible stomach volume, preventing the patient from eating as much food at one time.

The main difference between a mini gastric bypass and a traditional one is that there is less intestinal rerouting. Just like the traditional gastric bypass, the mini gastric bypass creates a pouch. Some variations of the procedure do a modified gastric sleeve.

Key Differences Between Mini Gastric Bypass & Traditional Gastric Bypass

Because the traditional gastric bypass has a relatively intensive rerouting process, the recovery time can be quite long. The mini gastric bypass, because the procedure is much less intensive, has a slightly shorter recovery time.

There’s also a lower risk of complications due to the fact that there’s fewer steps in the procedure. Thanks to the easier rerouting, patients are less likely to have complications.

Risks of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

One risk is that it’s potentially less effective than a traditional gastric bypass. It’s a less complicated procedure that doesn’t transform the digestive system dramatically. However, in most cases, weight loss is similar to a mini gastric bypass procedure.

GERD or acid reflux patients should avoid mini gastric bypass surgery, and opt for the traditional procedure instead.

In Summary

  • The mini gastric bypass is a slightly safer, slightly easier alternative to the traditional gastric bypass.
  • Results with the mini gastric bypass and the traditional gastric bypass are similar.
  • GERD or acid reflux patients should opt for the traditional gastric bypass instead.

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