Your Guide to What to Eat After Gastric Bypass Surgery

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After gastric bypass surgery, your diet radically changes. While this is most restrictive in the first few weeks, you will need to alter your eating habits for life. To get you geared up for your procedure, here is a quick guide to eating after gastric bypass surgery.

The First Two Weeks After Surgery

The first two weeks after surgery are the most restrictive stage of the gastric bypass diet plan. At first, you will only be able to have clear liquids. Then you will move up towards those with color, and finally thicker liquids. You should follow this general rule: stick to liquids that can be easily digested by your body. This includes drinks like thin shakes and smoothies, fruit juices with no pulp or seeds in them (like apple juice), Jell-O desserts without nuts or pieces of fruit in them, ice pops made from those same items above, or sugar-free popsicles from a company approved by your doctor.

Moving Into Thicker Foods

After two weeks on the gastric bypass surgery diet, you should begin to move into other liquids. These include shakes and smoothies with no seeds or pulp in them. You should also be able to start adding pureed canned fruits and vegetables that have been cooked at a low temperature for a long time so they are easy on your stomach while still being nutritious foods.

Eating Solid Foods

The next step of the gastric bypass meal plan is slowly moving onto solid food. Make this a steady progression; don’t jump from purees to steak. Slowly introduce new food items to see how your body responds. Be sure to keep your portions small and try to eat six small meals instead of three ones. If you need help figuring out which foods are ok, ask us about solid foods after gastric bypass in Tijuana.

Separating Food and Drink

It is important to keep drinks and food separate. If you drink with your meals, you can stretch your stomach or risk filling up on drinks rather than nutrient-rich food.

Do not add calorie-free sweeteners like sugar substitutes or honey to your beverages, as this can cause them to be more difficult for your body to process. Also avoid drinking carbonated beverages after surgery because the bubbles will get stuck in your pouch, which can lead you to be unable to eat solid foods.

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