Your Ideal Post-Bariatric Surgery Grocery List

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Once you’ve had Tijuana bariatric surgery, it’s time to start planning for your new life. This means eating less, consuming more balanced meals, and exercising often.

Of course, central to this is purchasing the right foods. So what should you keep in mind about grocery shopping after bariatric surgery?

Start With What to Avoid

The bariatric surgery diet stages require that you steadily step up from clear, thin liquids the whole foods over a period of a month or so. This means that, at first, there will be more foods to avoid than to eat. However, once you are cleared to eat whole foods, you should continue to avoid the following:

  • Foods Without Nutritional Value: These are empty-calorie foods. Think pretzels, popcorn, chips, and sweets. They may fill you up and satisfy a craving, but they don’t aid your health in any manner.
  • Simple Carbohydrates: White bread, white rice, and regular pasta are examples of simple carbs. Look for whole-grain options instead.
  • Excess Fat: Healthy fats are better than saturated fat, but you still need to cut down on these. Definitely steer clear of unhealthy fat sources, like bacon, processed meats, sausages, and whole milk.
  • Nutritionless Drinks: Save for water, any drinks you consume should offer nutritional value. Additionally, avoid anything sugary or carbonated. Not only are these bad on their own, but they rarely have nutritional value.

Building Your Bariatric Grocery List

After getting the gastric sleeve in Mexico, you will need to build your ideal bariatric grocery list. Ultimately, while we could offer you a ready-made list, part of what will help you succeed at altering your diet is customizing your shopping to your likes, dislikes, and needs.

For example, you might need to follow a vegetarian diet after bariatric surgery. Or perhaps you have certain textures or flavors you crave. Make sure you address your unique needs in your grocery list.

With that said, there are some rules that should apply to your grocery list for post-bariatric surgery:

  • Center Your Protein: Protein is the foundation of every meal and even some of your snacks.
  • Go Heavy on the Veggies: Work the veggies in wherever you can, including your juice and other drinks.
  • Be Light With Fruit: Yes, fruit is healthy, but in limited amounts due to the sugars.
  • Toss in a Few Treats: Just look for the healthiest versions possible.

To learn more about diet after bariatric surgery, speak with Dr. Jalil.


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