Can I Reverse Gastric Bypass? What You Should Know

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Revision Gastric Bypass

More and more men and women are getting gastric bypasses today. After all, it’s one of the most effective and safe procedures to lose weight quickly and keep it off for decades to come. While rare, some people do choose to reverse their surgery. This is typically unnecessary, as it can be risky.

However, you might be wondering, can gastric bypass be reversed in the first place? So let’s answer that question in this blog post right now.

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Benefits Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Before talking about whether or not it’s possible to reverse gastric bypass, let’s talk about some of the benefits this procedure entails.

You can experience rapid weight loss in the first 6, 12, and 24 months. It also improves other health markers like blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar.

If not kept in check, these health issues can cause diabetes or other health issues going down the road. Therefore, it helps you not just look better, but also have a better functioning body.

Constant weight loss can also be achieved. You may lose 30, 50, or 100 pounds or more. Many people can expect to lose around 50 to 70% of their weight, extra weight.

Some Of The Issues That Can Happen After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Most people have success with their surgery. However, there are some side effects. This can include:

Vitamin Absorption

Your vitamin B12 absorption may be lower than normal and you may need to have supplementation to correct this issue.

Calcium Absorption

This can also be reduced and require supplementation. You should talk with your surgeon to learn more about this effect.


Stomach blockages, nutritional deficiencies, leaking, and ulcerations can occur. Receiving consistent medical surveillance is key to making sure you stay healthy after your surgery. That’s not to mention lifestyle and diet changes like avoiding unhealthy food and getting cardio exercise frequently.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Gastric Bypass Surgery?

People who are good candidates for gastric bypass are typically those with a BMI of over 35. In this case, you’re a great candidate if you have other obesity-related conditions like heart disease or hypertension.

Otherwise, if you’ve tried different diet and exercise regimens without any luck, you may also be qualified. Those with a BMI of over 40 or who have 89 pounds of extra weight are typically qualified for this surgery.

Can You Reverse Gastric Bypass?

So, without further ado, let’s answer, “Can gastric bypass surgery be reversed?”

Yes, it is possible to reverse Roux en Y or gastric bypass. However, it is risky to reverse this surgery. It could cause several complications that may be more significant than the side effects of avoiding the reversal.

For instance, you can put the small intestine and stomach together again. However, they may not function as they did before. Also, certain nerves that regulate your stomach’s function are cut. Therefore, they may not work properly after the reversal.

Can You Undo Gastric Bypass Surgery: Get Your Questions Answered

Reach out today to Dr. Jalil to learn more about gastric bypass in Tijuana, Mexico. We’ll consult you on your weight loss goals, inform you of your options, and ensure the safest, most effective procedure for your situation.

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