How Soon After Bariatric Surgery Can I Drive?

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How Soon After Bariatric Surgery Can I Drive?

When it comes to reducing obesity, getting bariatric surgery is an excellent choice. However, a lot of people end up asking themselves, “How long after bariatric surgery can I drive?”

After all, your body will still be recovering for the first few weeks and months after your operation. There are some lifestyle changes you’ll have to make, but let’s get into answering “How soon can you drive after bariatric surgery?” right now.

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How Soon After Weight Loss Surgery Can You Drive?

The answer to “How soon after weight loss surgery can you drive?” is actually something that varies for each person depending on their physical health.

Regardless, you should be able to perform emergency stops, do full turns, and carefully control any mechanisms of the vehicle, such as the acceleration pedal.

Of course, manual vehicles are slightly more challenging to drive than automatic vehicles, so this is another factor to consider.

Also, your muscles will be recovering and changing during the recovery period. So if you experience abdominal cramps, then you should avoid driving. Essentially, anything that could prevent you from driving comfortably and pain-free is a reason to wait until that has subsided.

Average Timeline For Returning To The Road

The simple answer to “How long after bariatric surgery can you drive?” is 24 hours at a minimum. From here, most people are able to start driving again without much issue.

Driving Tips After Bariatric Surgery

Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure your journey is safe:

Start Out With Shorter Trips

Try not to take longer trips as you’re first getting back to driving. Prepare yourself so you can ramp up to longer and longer journeys.

Get Ready Mentally

Understand that your focus and sharpness may not be 100% when you first get back on that road. Try to prepare yourself with some warm-up mentally to make sure your confidence and focus is there.

Wear Loose And Comfortable Clothing

You don’t want any restrictive clothing to prevent you from being able to accelerate, decelerate, or steer the vehicle.

Drink Fluids

Dehydration can be dangerous on the road. It could cause a lack of consciousness, lightheadedness, and lack of focus. So drink plenty of water when driving.

Lose The Weight For Good

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Of course, as with any weight loss plan, you need to combine it with a proper diet and exercise routine. Still, when you put these elements together, you can achieve your weight targets. Reach out today and begin your journey toward a healthier version of yourself now.

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