What Would Disqualify You From Weight Loss Surgery?

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What Would Disqualify You From Weight Loss Surgery?

When it comes to health, almost nothing is more important than your weight. However, some people have questions about bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery.

But don’t worry, keep reading and we’ll talk about what disqualifies you from getting bariatric surgery.

That way you have a general idea if you are a good candidate or not. Of course, you should always speak with a qualified surgeon to tell you if you qualify. This could involve medical testing before your procedure. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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What Can Disqualify You From Bariatric Surgery?

Here is what disqualifies you from bariatric surgery:


If you’re a smoker, then you might not pull off your bariatric surgery. This can restrict your blood vessels. That means you won’t recover as quickly. It can also increase the hazards for you to undergo weight loss surgery.


Most people between 13 and 70 years old are within a safe age range for gastric surgery. However, if you are younger or older than that, then you may not be qualified.


You need to adjust your diet before you undergo surgery. Limit fats and carbohydrates. Instead, focus on fruits, veggies, and proteins. Otherwise, you may disqualify yourself for bariatric surgery.

There are many more elements that could disqualify you for bariatric surgery, so be sure to talk to a surgeon before considering a procedure.

Benefits Of Weight Loss Surgery

If you do qualify for bariatric surgery, there are several advantages such as:


Those who are more fit and active tend to be happier individuals, to be able to participate in more of their hobbies again.

You may even spend more time with family and friends, especially your grandchildren or younger members of the family. In other words, it allows you to truly engage in the social activities that you want to.

Work And Career

The more weight you lose, the more confident you’ll feel. This could help you in various areas of your life, such as your work life.

Health Factors

Obesity can lead to heart disease and diabetes, among other severe health problems. By losing weight with bariatric surgery, you can prevent these issues from taking over your life. In other words, you can take control of your health once again.

It’s Minimally Invasive And Safe

Over the years, bariatric surgery has evolved in an incredible fashion in the field of medicine. When you’re in the hands of an expert surgeon like Dr. Jalil, you can rest assured that you are going to be well taken care of.

Learn About Weight Loss Surgery In Tijuana Today

It’s possible to lose as much weight as you’ve ever dreamed of and keep it off for good. Of course, you need to combine this with proper exercise and diet.

Still, by having Dr. Jalil help you with gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery, you can start to truly live at a healthier weight.

Ultimately, this will help you eliminate issues that are commonly associated with diabetes while enjoying all of the advantages of being thin. So, don’t hesitate — reach out to our Tijuana bariatric center today.

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