When Can I Have Tortillas After a Gastric Sleeve?

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When Can I Have Tortillas After a Gastric Sleeve?

When it comes to living your life on your own terms, getting your weight under control is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. This is a gift not just for you, but also for your family.

Still, there are going to be some dietary restrictions when you undergo any kind of weight loss procedure.

This is to be expected after all your body needs to recover, and that comes with having certain nutritional requirements. But instead of you having to figure it out on your own, you should always reach out to a weight loss surgeon like Dr. Jalil.

Before that point, though, it helps to have a general idea of what you’re going to be getting into. Therefore you can start to stock your home fridge and your pantry to prepare for the journey ahead. So let’s discuss the answer to “When can I eat tortillas after gastric sleeve?”

When Can I Eat Corn Tortillas After a Gastric Sleeve?

You’ll need to wait a little bit before eating tortillas after gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery.

After about two to four weeks you can start introducing soft foods again to your diet. This can include tortillas. However, you should go for tortillas that have a softer texture.

Cooked or hardened tortillas won’t be something on your diet in the first couple of weeks after your procedure.

Tips For Adding Tortillas To Your Diet

In addition to answering, “When can you add tortillas to your diet after bariatric surgery?”  you should also keep the following in mind:

Portion Control

Avoid overeating. This can challenge your stomach capacity and cause damage.

Chew Thoroughly

Chew your tortilla for several bites, even dozens, if possible. This will help enhance absorption. Prioritize protein and nutrients.

Take Vitamin Supplements And Eat Protein

Portions of your diet should consist of healthy nutrients instead of empty carbohydrates like tortillas.

Incorporating harder foods has different rules. So read this post for more information about when you can consume popcorn after your weight loss operation.

Reach Out For A Gastric Sleeve Consultation Today

Dr. Jalil has extensive experience providing bariatric service as a gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is an excellent location to get your minimally invasive surgery and recover. Don’t hesitate to reach out today and learn what your options are for fighting obesity.

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