Post Bariatric Surgery & Back Pain: What You Need To Know

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Post Bariatric Surgery & Back Pain: What You Need To Know

Back pain is one of the largest issues facing Americans of our day. That being said, a lot of people find that they have a reduction in back pain after weight loss surgery.

So, let’s talk about some of the causes of having back pain in the first place and why bariatric surgery can help you manage back pain in a healthy and holistic way. If you have any additional questions about bariatric surgery in Mexico, reach out to Dr. Jalil today.

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Why Back Pain Occurs

The reason a lot of people experience less upper back pain after bariatric surgery is because being overweight causes back pain in the first place. People with obesity have a higher incidence of back pain and other joint pain.

This is because extra weight pushes pressure on your nerves, bones, and tissues. Just like somebody can injure their back by lifting too much weight in the weight room, imagine someone carrying around 50, 100 pounds or more of extra weight throughout their lifetime.

Ultimately, this is going to deteriorate your back. Therefore, reducing the amount of weight that your back must struggle to support will help it increase flexibility, reduce your pain, and increase mobility.

Advice For Managing Back Pain After Bariatric Loss Surgery

The best tips to manage back pain after weight loss surgery are going to come from your surgeon directly. You’ll be able to evaluate your lifestyle habits, your current weight, and of course your recovery period after your procedure. Each procedure is unique and so is each patient. So truly the best place to start if you have this question is to reach out to a weight loss surgeon today.

That being said, there are some ways to manage back pain after weight loss surgery you can do:

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Your surgeon will advise you on the right things to eat and also the foods or drinks to avoid. And sort of follow the recommendations to avoid putting further stress on your body as you recover.

Keep Exercise And Physical Activity To A Minimum At First

As you recover from surgery, you’ll want to avoid certain strenuous activities. Eventually, you’ll be able to get back to your normal routine, but again, your body is going through a recovery process and needs to be able to heal at its own pace.

Don’t Lift Heavy Objects

Avoid lifting anything over 30 or 40 pounds for the first several weeks after your weight loss surgery. Once several months or weeks have passed, you should be able to return to your normal lifting capacity.

Get Rid Of Back Pain

You deserve to live pain-free and comfortably. If you’re interested in eliminating or reducing your upper back pain after bariatric surgery, then contact our office today.

You can lose weight, look better, and ultimately reverse back damage in many circumstances. It’s time for you to start feeling your best every single day, not just occasionally.

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