When Can You Swim After Bariatric Surgery?

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Swimming after bariatric surgery

If you’re considering getting Bariatric Surgery In Mexico, it could be a great option to reduce your appetite and ultimately slim down significantly. However, as you’re recovering, there may be certain activities you should avoid until your body is ready again.

One of the common questions we get is, “how long after bariatric surgery can you go swimming”? So in this article, let’s answer that question so you can understand your timeline before you can get back into the pool or ocean.

Is It Safe To Swim After Weight Loss Surgery?

To answer your question briefly, yes. You can swim after weight loss surgery. This includes gastric bypass surgery, lap band, and gastric sleeve surgery. However, keep in mind that after these procedures your body will be recovering for a period of time.

So you shouldn’t try to push your body to the limits. Don’t do too much cardio or physical activity while your body is still adjusting. Within a couple of days after the procedure you can start walking normally and taking a shower after about three or four days.

How Long After Bariatric Surgery Can You Swim?

A good rule of thumb is to consult with your doctor after your procedure. They can give you a good timeline of when you can resume swimming as you recover. However, in general you want to wait two to four weeks before swimming.

Furthermore, you should wait at least four to six weeks before immersing yourself in hot water like a hot tub or bathtub.

But again, you can get back to showering in just a few days. Keep in mind that after your procedure you want to take care of your wounds and immersing yourself in water can increase the risk of infections.

Benefits Of Swimming After Weight Loss Surgery

It’s actually very good that you’re asking how soon you can swim after weight loss surgery. Swimming is one of the bariatric exercises that can help you lose weight and improve muscle tone. It can help you look younger and increase your strength and flexibility as well.

Of course, swimming is also a low risk of injury activity. So it’s great for men and women who want to implement a healthy lifestyle.

How Soon Can You Swim After Bariatric Surgery – Conclusion

Wait several weeks if you can before swimming again. If you want to lose weight and feel great again, consider reaching out to Dr. Jalil today.

You can understand your options regarding weight loss surgery, as well as whether or not it’s safe to swim after the fact. You deserve to look amazing and enjoy physical activities long term.

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